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Samsung A32 Screen shut Off Randomly. But doesnt turn off. Can still hear ringtone and notification.

(Topic created on: 4/20/21 5:40 AM)
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So i just have bought samsung A32 from retail store in Indonesia (i return it tomorrow). So this is the problem when i test the samsung phone on the retail store is just happen fine nothing wrong i think.

And when i get home i turn off the phone (shut it down) and charge it until 100%. I turn it on and do factory reset. 

When i done with the factory reset and installing my apps from my old phones. I go away to do something else while the phone is downloading and installing the apps.

But when i return it just black screen. i pressed the power button nothing happen. And then i hear there is notification sound from the phone. This is where i think this is weird.

I restarted the phone using (Volume Down + Power) and it manage to restart and turn on the screen again.

But while i browse the setting to setup account and security. The screen turn off again. 

p.s. this is happen to my Samsung Tab S3 too.

But sadly there's no guarantee for the Samsung Tab S3 too.

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Samsung Moderator
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I apologize but you have reached technical support for products manufactured for usage in the United States. Please visit https://www.samsung.com/us/common/visitlocationsite.html to find your country's support page.

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