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Samsung A5 2017 ui has stopped after sept update.

this has only started happening since the security update that i did a few days ago. started with the wifi not working and i didnt notice the problem untill i saw i was using data at home. when i tried to get my wifi working it would just freeze then i would get the UI has stopped working error. it seems that any time i click on wifi either from settings or the drag down menu it well freeze 99% of the time, same if i go to data usage to try and manage data.

iv already tried nearly everything iv read online for anything even remotly simular

things iv tried:

resetting the wifi by turning it off and on.

resetting network settings completly
resetting app permissions

doing power saving changes

wiped cache partition

checked with smart switch for updates(internet doesnt work on phone at all now)

deleted any apps i might have gotten recently

disabled the google app

and finally i did a full factory reset, might have been more but i cant remember them all, been at this for 7 hours now.


none of these seemed to make any differance, though it did work for a few minutes after rebooting it but then right back to wifi saying no connection and freezing if i try to go into its settings.