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Samsung A50 Getting Hot and giving black screen

I have a Samsung A50 that I purchased in September 2019.  I have enjoyed my phone over the last 10, close to 11 months.  One of the better phones I have ever purchased.  In the last week or two it has a few times started to feel hot.  Usually doesn't last to long and doesn't do it on a regular bases.  I am concerned this is leading to other problems, because I had 2 LG's that got hot all the time and would burn through the battery.  Battery life has been no issue, yet.


Also I have noticed that when I am in the facebook app and click on links, I scroll through the page and it turns black.  If I get out of it and go back to the page it may or may not work.  Both have happened to me.  Didn't know if it is a facebook issue or a phone issue.  Cannot say it has happened other places, just know for sure on facebook.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Samsung A50 Getting Hot and giving black screen

try using your Samsung widget (device care) hold a clean space on your home screen go to widgets hold and slide DEVICE CARE to your home wall. it should help find the issue.. if not try making sure all your apps in the background are closed down. and you clear out of all your web pages because they all being open makes your phone work harder than it needs to.