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Samsung A50 Loses Blutooth Connectivity While in Retail Stores

My Samsung A50 is losing blutooth connectivity whenever I'm in a retail store with Security cameras and wifi.  After I leave, I have to power cycle the phone in order to regain blutooth connectivity, it does not re-esatablish connectivity on its own to either my Galaxy Watch, headphones or or car's blutooth.  This does not happen with my wife's Samsung Galaxy S9, only with my A50.  I'm wondering if this is due to the latest software update that I installed on December 6th.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung A50 Loses Blutooth Connectivity While in Retail Stores

It's most likely the Bluetooth chip used in the phone. Buildings, security cameras, Wi-Fi, in addition to other Bluetooth devices in the area will all interfere with Bluetooth connectivity to some degree due to the radio waves. All devices are made differently.

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