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Samsung A50 microphone not working properly

(Topic created: 04-10-2022 02:39 PM)
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Hi Guys, I hope You're good.

I'm having troubles with my late 2019 Samsung A50.

It has been a few months since the microphone has stopped working properly. I cannot explain why. Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't (now doesn't, more than ever, so I'm here looking for direct help)

I went through many blogs and videos pointing at various solutions, such as make the loop back test (done it), wipe out the partition cache (done it), and finally change the mic board (done it). None of them have identified or solved the mic issue. I am pretty sure it is not a hardware stuff, considering I've changed the mic board and the problem persists. Moreover, this mobile phone has never fallen badly.

What do You suggest? Any User who got this issue and hasn't solved it with traditional methods? Any idea? I'm not in the mood for changing the phone. I bought it less than three years ago. Apart from that it's perfect with no any other problem.

I thank You in advance,

Kind Regards,


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I don't know if you have the option in the quick settings, but have you ,looked for a microphone option their to quickly turn the mic on.
If not try going to Samsung members and running diagnostics found down at the bottom when opening app then testing everything, might help.1649641706151.jpg