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Samsung A52 4g w/ Volte capability no longer being accepted by StraightTalk /Tracfone Verizon

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My son and I both purchased Samsung Galaxy A52 4g phones with Volte capability. I purchased mine in Spring 2021 from WalMart and I was using a pre-paid StraightTalk plan; his was just purchased in June 2022 from Walmart and he has been using a Tracfone plan. His phone cost a lot more due to pandemic supply chain issues. He had an old Samsung 3g phone he loved, but I had read that he/we would both need to have at least 4g phones with coming changes. I checked and learned my Samsung 4g phone would be fine for the changes. The StraightTalk carrier was T-Mobile. He chose the same phone as mine as we thought it would be fine with the upcoming changes...

Fast forward... I decided to change from StraightTalk to Tracfone at the end of Dec 2022. I called at the beginning of the month and confirmed I had an unlocked phone. I was told the transfer would be easy but I would need to wait until my StraightTalk plan ended in December and was inactive. I wanted to keep my same phone number. I was told no problem, I'd just need to purchase a new SIM card for Tracfone and to activate it and buy a Tracfone plan when the StraightTalk plan ended. 

So, on 12/31/2022 my ST plan was no longer active. I had the Tracfone SIM card, installed it but could not purchase a plan or activate the SIM card. I called Tracfone numerous times and was told my phone was no longer compatible, that it needed to be "Volte" enabled. I checked my phone and it shows that IT IS Volte enabled. Tracfone told me I would need to buy a new phone because Verizon was now their carrier and my Samsung phone was not compatible. I did not believe what they were telling me, so I said I'd just go back and re-activate my account with StraightTalk (I know - the companies are connected). Tracfone said StraightTalk would also require me to purchase a new phone. I had trouble believing this as I was using my phone with a ST plan just 2 days prior.

Well... I then tried to reactivate my phone with ST. I used my ST SIM card and purchased a 30-day plan online (thank goodness I didn't purchase a 365 day plan!). I was able to reconnect my previous service and keep my old phone number. I was disappointed, however, as I had hoped to switch to Tracfone to get an even lower priced monthly plan.  I contacted ST to discuss this again (they had originally told me in early December I could switch and take my phone with me - I did not buy it from them and it was unlocked). ST Customer Service advised that MY phone was no longer compatible and even though I had just purchased another 30 day plan, my phone / plan is in jeopardy of or "will be shut off any day or time now" as it is not compatible with Verizon's new towers.  They told me I can get one of their "free" phones and encouraged me to do so immediately.  I am really upset. I LIKE my Samsung phone.  I've had it less than two years!

This prompted my son to check on his phone's status with Tracfone. They told him he is "in line for the migration" and they will let him know when he has to buy a new phone as well. They offered him a new phone as well.  **bleep**? He just spent over $300 for his phone six months ago!!! 

This is insane and really seems criminal. What are our options, Samsung?  We did not buy the A52 5g model as we both felt it wasn't necessary (as the phones were 4g) and they were a bit pricey for our budgets.  I am sure that we - like a lot of other people - don't necessarily have the funds to be plopping down $300+ for new smartphones every 2 years or less.  I'm also wondering how ST can just stop my service "any day" when I've paid them for a 30 day plan in advance?  I've resigned myself to the fact that my ST plan won't work with my Samsung phone probably beyond the end of this month, Jan 2023.

Are there any other reasonably priced carriers we can switch to that will provide service to our perfectly good Samsung Galaxy A52 4g volte enabled, unlocked phones? Neither of us wants ST or TF's free phones. We want to continue to use our Samsung phones. I can't believe we are being forced to buy new phones... Not sure Samsung will help here, as this situation clearly helps their bottom line as well, if people have to replace still fairly new / working phones and buy new ones... So tired of feeling powerless and helpless in this inflated economy.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Hi. To my knowledge the Samsung Galaxy A52 4G was never released in the US. Yes, you can purchase it from 3rd parties but Samsung didn't formally launch the 4G variant. Network/Band support is limited on international devices, no software patch or update can ever change this. I don't know what has changed internally now that they're using a Verizon core. However it's possible that they have an IMEI whitelist or their network now relies on bands/frequencies not present on your phone. 

Keep in mind that your A52 4G was not designed for the US market. If they're unwilling to activate the device on their network there's not much you can do. 

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