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Samsung A54 , Notification Pop Up style (Detailed) is not working

(Topic created: 12-03-2023 07:43 PM)
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Hi all, 

just bought this A54 device and this is first time I am using samsung in 15 years.

With this , In settings > notification pop-up style > I have two option. one is brief which just lights out the top of the screen for sometime when you get a message (not email though), and when you select detailed one, surprisingly there is no notification at all. The tiny bit of notification that i was getting for brief is also not showing in the detailed one where it is supposed to show more.

I cannot beleive in 2023 my phone would not light up when I will get a notification and would not know if anyone text me or not or send me an email. Changed so many floating setting, changed permission,  allowed all app to send notification individually, nothing is working.


any help on this please. really appreciated. 

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Hi do you encounter this in one app only? I encountered the same for Messenger app - detailed notification is not working and also phone would not light up.