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Samsung A71 Keeps on Restarting every 5mins


1. When i press the unlock button, it takes 30 secs for the screen to open.

2. After two weeks of purchase, data wont work even if i set the limit to 50GB already.


What i did:

1. I performed restore factory settings


What happened now:

1. Phone keeps on restarting every couple of mins.



Pls help Smiley Sad  

Product Expert

Re: Samsung A71 Keeps on Restarting every 5mins

Hello @userpIwMGJap9I ,

I believe you should perform a full factory reset. The way to do this is 
1. Hold the Power Key, Bixby, and Volume Up keys for about 6-10 seconds until device, shuts off and restarts.
2. It should power off an cycle back to the bootloader menu.
3. Once there use the volume key to go up and down in the menu, just like you'd change the volume on your device.
4. Click down to Wipe Cache, and use the power button to select it. Confirm using the same buttons mentioned above when prompted.
5. Once the action has completed, the scroll down further to the factory reset option, and confirm it as well. At this point the device should factory reset, and return to full factory status, with no remaining possible problematic files.  Sometimes when factory resettign from the setting menu on your device, if there are any corrupted files, they can be persistent in going away. Please let me know if this helps!