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Samsung Active 2 Custom Workout

The Samsung watch is useful for every day wear, but is not a great watch for a runner.  My Garmin watch had the ability to create custom running plans with audio notifications if I was not matching the parameters that I set.  I know the Samsung Health app has the ability to select some programs for running, but I am unable to set a plan for interval training.  I want to set a program that looks something like this: warm up- 5 mins, run 0.25 miles @ 8:00 mins/mile, jog for 1:00 min, repeat steps 2-3 a few times and the cooldown.  Garmin had this functionality.  I also have a lot of issues syncing my data to Strava.  If Samsung cannot fix these issues, I will be moving back to a Garmin.


Re: Samsung Active 2 Custom Workout

The watches dont receive to much support. My gear s3 is a novelty item now for full msrp I really thought I was getting the best, but with samsungs, out of warranty not my problem attitude I dont think theyll be receiving my support and losing many others because of it