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Samsung Default keyboard lag

(Topic created: 09-17-2023 06:49 PM)
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So I have had this phone since the beginning of April and I just recently in the last month and a half have been experiencing issues with the keyboard. I've searched everything on my phone as far as being able to clear the cache, I cannot find anywhere to do that. 
I have tried to update every Samsung app that there is and nothing is working,no matter what app I'm using there is such a long period of waiting for the keyboard to pop up. I have completely closed out of everything and then went in an app and still no keyboard. now the voice record in the messages, occasionally will trigger the keyboard to pop up if I hold down on it for 6 Plus seconds to record something and then when I let go of it the keyboard will pop up and following but that doesn't even happen every time and that's only in the messages app.
 I go to use it and it's not like a couple seconds it's literally however much patience I have waiting for it to come up and I've waited, not touching it, I've tried turning the phone off and turning it back on. I've tried everything that I've been able to find to do to no avail. my other problem is that quite a few of the suggested things to do say to click on the gboard icon on the keyboard but it's not a gboard it's the Samsung keyboard so I don't have a gboard icon on the Samsung keyboard. If I had the gboard still I wouldn't be running into this problem the only thing I have that is Google is the talk to text messaging part and that's it
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Try this. Settings>Apps>select the sort function and toggle on "Show system apps">Samsung Keyboard>Storage>Clear cache. If that doesn't work, try clearing data instead. Clearing data will essentially reset the app.