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Samsung Experience Service keeps crashing

(Topic created on: 5/11/21 11:40 AM)
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I own a Samsung Galaxy J7, and for the last couple days at random times, the phone would not let me download files or even updates from the app store, I tried taking a screenshot, but it said 'Did not take screenshot due to security policy', which was confusing since I wasn't on any private browsers, so I reboot my phone, and the problem persists, this time, the Wi-Fi option would not enable, and when I would manually turn the switch on, it would automatically flip back off, I believe the problem is caused by the 'Samsung Experience Service' app continuously crashing, because whenever I would try to do any of these things, it would say 'Samsung Experience Service has stopped' or '...keeps crashing', eventually it would start working again and I would be able to do things like normal, however I would like to avoid this problem permanently, is there a fix to this?

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