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Samsung Galaxy A14 Connection Issues!

(Topic created: 09-15-2023 11:53 PM)
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About aonth ago my Samsung Galaxy A14 just stopped showing any networks when wifi was turned on and also the hotspot stopped working as well, so now when I turn wifi on it searches but nothing g comes up available and when it first started I was able to still use our home wifi but I would have to be within feet of the wifi box then over a few days it stopped all together, but every other aspect of my phone works as normal or as it should. I haven't dropped it, got it wet or dirty, we have the highest plan available through our provider so data etc. is not an issue, also my wife can hook up to everything as normal and when I turn my hotspot on she can't find me....so anyway....Iv tried all the normal things like restart, and soft restart my phone, reset network settings, airplane mode on/off, run diagnostics on it and it said all is normal...🤔🤔🤔
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