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Samsung Galaxy A40 having difficulty after dropping in water

My mum dropped her phone in the sink and took it out straight away. Then waited until the next morning to tell me. As soon as it was out it was working then all of a sudden died. (Having dropped my own phone several times in water I said put it on charge.) Since doing this for about 8 hours, it then started making noises when disconnected and reconnected from the charger. It also vibrated when turned on and off, however nothing comes on the screen. The next day (Today) it shows the percentage in the circle when charging and then when turned on it goes to the Samsung A40 logo but then stays on there and has not changed for 4 hours. I have pressed the off button as well as keeping in the sound buttons, this just turns it on and off again, which then keeps the logo on again not changing. Is there anything to do? Or as is seems to be progressing slowly over the days, should I wait and see. Please any suggestions would be good, as we can't just go to carephone warehouse at the moment in the present circumstances.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy A40 having difficulty after dropping in water

Hey @userEhdAaxPDCt ,


I'm sorry it happened, but unfortunately water damaged devices are not something that can be repaired. I would suggest purchasing a new phone unless she has insurance on her device. I would recommend calling her carrier to verify if she has insurance. Sorry it wasn't much help, but I hope it works out.





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