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Cosmic Ray

Samsung Galaxy A50 Battery

Android OS has itself a long-time problem that can be seen on any phone, including Galaxy A50:
Well let me explain clearly what are the issues, even on Android 9 Pie (One UI):
- Battery is unoptimized and unstable (fast drain problem)
- Battery Life is poor
- Fast drain problems
- There are not quite optimizations to extend battery life and improving duration
Here is what I suggest:
- Battery Stability improvements and fixes
- Battery Life improvements and fixes
- New optimizations and fixes to extend battery life
- Kernel improvements and updates to fix battery fast drain problems and improving its Stability and Performance
- Battery optimizations for high daily usage
- New Battery Features: Battery Saver and Battery Doctor -> these two will greatly improve the battery itself and everything I mentioned
- General fixes and improvements for Overall Battery (Performance, Stability, Life)
- Adaptive Battery new features, improvements and fixes
- Doze Feature implemented back again with new features and improvements
- Kernel General fixes and improvements for a smoother battery
- Bugfixes and improvements
- Maintenance Software Updates (Battery Stability, Performance, Life and Optimizations along with Android OS improvements and bugfixes)
- Battery Usage improvements and fixes
- Power Saving Modes improvements and fixes with everything mentioned above

- Device Care fixes and improvements

- Device Care stability improvements and fixes

- Device Care UI improvements and fixes