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Cosmic Ray

Samsung Galaxy A50 Poor network Connection

After the new update 3 weeks ago I began not being able to get a good network connection. I may be able to call out but the other person can't hear me then it drops the call. Using wifi is also a problem. I use Verizon and initially called them to fix the problem. After days of.being on the phone and even getting sim card, I am still having the same.problem. I have reset every thing possible. I hoped after I did the phone reset my problems would be solved. I have read alot of posts.and it seems I'm not the only one having this issue with the network. Also it has affected other models.of samsung phones. Samsung needs to come up.with a fix.and soon. I have a 500 dollar phone and paying 50 for phone services, and can't even use my phone. If samsung don't release something saying they are working on something to fix this issue, I suggest to everyone we start a class action law suit!