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Samsung Galaxy A50 has problems with Ubiquiti UniFi networks

Hey there! I'm having some problems with my new Samsung Galaxy A50 on my Ubiquiti UniFi network. Every time I disconnect from the network, the phone refuses to reconnect to the network. I have to manually disable and enable the WiFi for it to connect again.


I've already tried all the things Samsung support asked me to do (start in safe mode, reset network settings, etc.). They adviced me to return my phone. However, I found out that the A50's from my mother and sister-in-law have the exact same problem on my network. So it doesn't seem to be a hardware related issue, but a software related one.


I've opened a thread on the Ubiquiti forum as well. One of the users (Myky) asked me to do several tests. You can check all the communication about this problem in that topic:


The problem only happens for me when I have two AP's turned on with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz enabled. Something weird happens on the phone side when you get disconnected and try to reconnect. Basically the conclusion from the user Myky was:

"So the client sends Reassociation Request, AP AKCs it but never responds back with Reassociation Response.  In my opinion, it should not respond and it is expected behaviour because it is expecting to see Association Request for the new session in the first place. It's like the phone thinks that it is still connected to the SSID and it is performing roaming. I would raise this with the phone vendor."


All the captures from me and screenshots from Myky can be found in the topic.


I've already sent a support ticket to the Samsung technical support, but I thought it would be a good idea to get more attention by posting on this forum as well. And since I couldn't find anything on Google about this issue, it's nice for other users experiencing this problem to see what's up. One other user posted in the topic on the Ubiquiti forums that they're having the same issue and it seemed to happen after the latest Samsung update. So I'm not the only one at least. Smiley Wink


If you need me to run some other tests, let me know!