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Samsung Galaxy A50 screen causing headaches


3 weeks ago I changed the phone from Galaxy A3 (2016) to A70. I immediately noticed that my eyes get tired from using new phone (my eyes never got tired from the old one) but I thought it might be because of a bigger screen. Two first weeks I didn't use it much (because of the trip) so my eyes weren't as tired/painful. When I started using this phone every day for a longer period of time, I started getting very bad headaches, light disorientation and it felt like there is a big pressure on my eyes. I thought I was just getting used to the new screen but after a week nothing changed. Because of that I had to start using my laptop and my old phone again.

I read that it might be caused by AMOLED screen but my old phone had super AMOLED screen and there were no issues.  I found out that users of S10 get a similar issue and someone pointed out that it could also be caused by PWM. My A3 has PWM frequency of 240.4 and A70 has 119 (source: Is it actually caused by PWM or I just got a defective screen? Should I get a new phone same model or get one without OLED screen? I never had such an issue with phones before.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Samsung Galaxy A50 screen causing headaches

Hi. PWM, contrast, and brightness sensitivity are on a spectrum in humans. Some are unaffected by PWM, for instance. The only way for a 3rd party to verify the effect of frequency, on your eyes, is by being in your shoes. 


Now, in order to determine whether this is PWM related or even an underlying condition, you'll have to speak with a doctor. I'm not sure if this falls under a specialized field like neurology or ophthalmology. Either way, I'm not equipped to evaluate your symptoms. LCD/IPS panels generally don't rely on this mechanism (PWM). 

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