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Samsung Galaxy A50 speaker issue

I've been using the SG A50 since last month, and I had problems with speakers not functioning two times already. The first issue started after a minor drop to the table, and eventually got solved with some gentle drops somehow. During the malfunction the device gave no sound and could not recognise headphones as well (no idea why). This time the drop was just a bit bigger, I just unluckily dropped it from a height of 40 cm above the ground, still I would not call it a "serious" drop. The sympthoms are the same as the first time. The outside of the phone remained perfect, no shatters, no screen problems etc., only the speaker. I would be thankful for help, because I commute a lot and listening to music is really important for me. 

P.S. For unkown reasons the step counting sometimes don't work at all, even though I share my location with the Samsung Health App.