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Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

I'm not sure hot to use Samsung live chat messaging for samsung smartphones now. Tried to go to live chat and they assumed I was talking about flames on a stove top when I was really wanting to ask a question about Samsubg Galaxy A71 5G. 

Anyway, my galaxy a71 5G is brand new. Just got it from t mobile. According to Samsung website there has been a june software update, July software update which was pulled, a 2nd July software update to fix the known issues, and then an update released in early August between the 1st- 3rd. 

My galaxy A71 5G is stuck on may security update. 
I have been trying to force it to update, I have cleared the cache and force stopped google frame work service and it still will not receive the software updates. I would use smartswitch or Odin but my chrome book was stolen and I dont have any other computer than samsung dex on my galaxy s10 that I let my roommate have bc his phone was just recently stolen. 

Does anyone know of any fixes on how to get all of these security updates to come through. If you are a samsunf representation and can help me with this issue, that would be awesome. You don't have to be a samsung representative.

Just anyone who knows any tricks to do to force the galaxy a 71 5G to update its software would be great. 

Also if you have a t mobile galaxy a 71 5G, please let me know what security patch software version you are on please. Thank you. 
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Thanks for your inquiry. Once available, updates are released to Carriers and thereafter, it is at the Carriers' discretion to release the update to customers. Since updates are released by Carriers in waves, we’re unable to determine when your device will receive an update. We appreciate your loyalty.

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