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Samsung Galaxy A71 setup problem

So I ordered the new Samsung galaxy A71. Phone arrived, inserted new SIM card and switched it on. The phone then went to configure itself "Authenticating your information" and then came up with "Cannot connect to server" and the phone went into some sort of mode similar to a demo mode where you don't have access to Google Play Store and are unable to use Fingerprint unlock.


I phoned Samsung and spoke to a technician who told me it sounds like they have sent me a demo phone but the serial number didn't match with that of a demo model.


Took the phone back to Carphone Warehouse where they exchanged it for another Black Samsung galaxy A71. Exactly the same thing happened again. I am now in limbo as I do not know what I am doing wrong and am being pushed from Samung to Carphone Warehouse back and forth. Samsung seem to think it's a "Dodgy batch" where as Carphone Warehouse do not agree as my first order was from a different batch as to the replacement I had in-store.


I have exchanged the 2nd faulty one and am currently waiting for a replacement but I am concerned the same thing is going to happen.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


Re: Samsung Galaxy A71 setup problem

I would definitely contact Samsung Support on Twitter. They respond to messages 24/7.