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Samsung Galaxy A8 (SM-A530W) New user -- cannot access apps

Hi, I just started using a Galaxy A8 (SM-A530W) and I can't seem to get past a Google account screen.


I charged it up, put in the nano SIM card, and it is working fine.  When I turned it, on the Android OS said it was erasing....what it was erasing, I don't know.


Anyway, when it finished erasing, the first screen that came up was...


next screen  >start ...

next screen  >connect wifi...

next screen  >end user agreement....

next screen  >checking for updates...


next screen...a Google page that was titled "Verifying Your Account"

On this screen, it says: "This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account that was previously synced on this device".

Email or phone....


I don't understand this. Why is it asking for a Google account, and why a previous Google account?  I did try to enter my own Google account, but it didn't recognize it.


It won't let me go any further.  I don't see any apps or any icons anywhere. There is no home screen, home button, or anything. Just the 4 screens mentioned above. Every time I restart the phone, the same screens come up.  I cannot get out of these screens, and can't proceed past the Google page without verification (which I don't have).  I can't even access any system settings. I can't reset the device.


Please help.



Re: Samsung Galaxy A8 (SM-A530W) New user -- cannot access apps

Ok, I managed to get the phone to accept my Google account email and password, after re-verifying them with Google online.


But now when I enter my email and password, it accepts them, but then automatically reverts to the same login screen. I'm in an infinite login loop.


Please help