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Samsung Galaxy Halo - J7 Update has pictures formatted to where they can't be emailed, stored.

(Topic created: 05-23-2022 03:11 PM)
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First, I know very little about phones and computers. I have a Samsung Galaxy Halo, and a 2012 Mac Mini desktop. Everything was working fine until the one evening when I couldn't get into my phone unless I updated to J7 software. I was given 3 choices for something, and it was a case of eenie meenie miney moe. I don't even know what it was asking and which I picked, but it may have been a format. I was able to get into my phone though after making a selection.

I like to email pics/videos of my cat to myself in case I lose my phone. (Yes. I know I can use Smart Switch too.) But I also email pics to others. The problems since this update is, well, lots... Here are some clues...

The very first indication there was problem was that when I tried downloading a very recent pic I had emailed to myself, it was taking foreverrr to download onto my Mac. Like '8 minutes remaining' sort of thing. Pics usually download quickly. (Internet speed was checked by Apple and is fine.) I noticed it was attempting to download in KB, too. I noticed the date on the picture (datetime.jpg) didn't match the date the actual picture was taken. I noticed that very first picture had me 'save as' refresh.json??? When I tried to open it, nothing. Just 2 blue Safari circles...one blue, one faded. This all started with that J7 update though.

I tried going wayyy back into my unopened emails to find pics of my cat from March 2022. They seemed to download nicely. I drug them into a folder. I can search for the pic by date_time.jpg in the search bar, and find the thumbnail, but when I search in a folder, it's not there. Not in the folder I drug it into. Not in the folder the Mac is telling me it's in. I was told it probably has something to do with how the pic is being formatted, but after being accidentally hung up on twice, I'm here. It all started with that J7 update anyway.

How do I fix my phone so that it emails/downloads pics the way it used to? So that the photo/video slides into the folder I want it in? So that the date/time are correct? These are pics/videos of a cat with kidney disease. They are useless if they aren't in the easily read jpg or mpg format. Please help. Thanks.


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