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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm pain, numbness, tingling, buzzing, headaches and sleepless nights


I bought a Galaxy Watch 46 MM LTE for myself around 2 weeks ago and when I got it, it was great. I started buying Samsung a while back starting with a Samsung TV, then a Samsung tablet, another Samsung TV and then Samsung tablets for all three of my children. So naturally I purchased a Samsung Galaxy watch. At first I noticed that it felt uncomfortable at night, I was quite dissapointed as I wanted to use the sleep functionality. But I want the watch so I persevered, I thought it might be the strap so I tried a different one but this made no difference. I then decided that maybe it was me so I removed it everynight before bed. This made the odd feeling dissapear and I was able to sleep. I then began to feel the watch in the daytime on my wrist, it caused a numb and tingly feeling all the time I was wearing it, however it was less noticeable due to daytime activities. Whilst wearing it, I felt constant excruciating headaches on the left side of my face and also the same side that I wear the watch. These heachaches would stop immediately after I removed the watch and switched it off. When I would try and sleep with the watch on, my body was constantly disturb by a strange feeling that the watch gave, almost like it was keeping my body awake. Whilst wearing the watch, my arm feels tingly, numb and also painful constantly. Also when the watch is on and within the vicinity, I would get a constant throbbing headache. This made me start to look at my devices. I have begun exorcising my home of any type of signal and have decided to remove all my Samsung devices from use. I cannot beleive that this has happened and I am very dissappointed as I do like the products but this particular product seems to have pushed me over the edge.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm pain, numbness, tingling, buzzing, headaches and sleepless nights

I'm very sorry to hear about this! Please send the full model code and serial number or IMEI number of the watch in a private message so I may look into this further.

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