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Samsung Galaxy a51 background noise filter in media.

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy a51 and I've noticed that when I watch some videos wether it be on YouTube or downloaded, the phone seems to automatically remove background noise in the videos themselves causing the audio to be "jumpy" and unintelligible at times. This seems to be happening only when I use headphones and I've tried with both the stock Samsung earbuds and a pair of over the ear headphones and the issue persists. I've looked through all of the Samsung audio settings and I can't seem to find an option to turn this off. Phone is about a week old straight out of the box. 

Edit: I tried booting the phone on Safe Mode to see if any 3rd party app was causing the issue, and the phone still tries to filter background noise from media.


Re: Samsung Galaxy a51 background noise filter in media.

Hello!  I have the same issue in my phone. Did you find any way to turn it off? I cant find any solution online nor any option in my phone to turn turn off voice cancellation.