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Samsung Galaxy wifi calling doesn't work after reboot

(Topic created: 02-16-2024 10:17 AM)
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I have a Galaxy A54 my wife has an A51. There is no O2 mobile network where we live so we use wifi-calling. If we reboot or restart our phones the O2 mobile network is lost and we can't make calls. My friend has an I-phone he rebooted his phone here and he was able to make calls using wifi-calling. It's a Samsung Galaxy issue, but I've tried all the usual fixes updating the software, restarting the router, resetting the network, airplane mode etc. Nothing works. To restore wifi-calling I have to drive 2 miles to where there's an O2 signal. After registering on the network we can make calls until the next time the phone updates or is rebooted. Is there a fix for this?

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Wi-Fi calling is a carrier related. It has nothing to do with Samsung OS. You may need a new SIM.
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Perhaps you need to switch to a mobile carrier that actually has coverage where you live, even if it means going with your internet provider's mobile service.  What's the point of paying for a mobile service, no matter how economical it is, if you can't get coverage where you use it?