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Samsung J6 lagging and errors

Hi, I currently own a Samsung j6 and I'm from New Zealand I've only come here since we don't have a visible forum anyway.

So today around 7:00 pm on August 30th 2019 my j6 running pie got a security update/patch

me thinking this should be a good idea decided to go through with it.

so when the update finished, me and my dad went off to go pick someone up and when we got in the car I realised my phone was very laggy taking around about 5 seconds to respond and unlock, I thought nothing of it thinking 'well it might just still be loading in apps' so I decided to restart it in the normal hold down and select restart fashion and when we pick my sister up and my phone had then powered back on I realised that it was still slow, not only that it would show up constantly with errors like ims service has stopped working

and errors when I got home I tried clearing all my installed music and apps clearing cache wiping the phone looking at what others had done with their newer Galaxy devices, alas nothing changed and I'm stuck with a potato for a phone help would be greatly appreciated

since I quite like this phone also has anyone else had this with the August 30th security patch

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung J6 lagging and errors

Thank you for reaching out! Regrettably support for non-US models is very limited. We suggest reaching out to a support team in your area for further assistance. You can do so by using the following link: