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Samsung Notes Issues


So I recently saw that Samsung Notes needed to upadte so I updated it immediately since it looked fresh and new.

I have Samsung Notes installed in Secure Folder too and updated it there. I didn't know that I would be unable to access older notes.

After I updated it, I wanted to open a locked note in Secure Folder containing my passwords, but it always told me that I needed to install an Add-On.

I was confused so I went to the Samsung Notes (not in Secure Folder) and tried opening up an old note, only to recieve the same message.

I managed to install the Add-On there though and now every time I open up Samsung Notes in Secure Folder it closes and I recieve a message saying that the app crashed.


I've tried clearing the cache and clicking on the three dots do I could access the "Convert All Notes" page, but it didn't work and now I can't even open the app without it crashing. Also, before I installed the Add-On in the Samsung Notes not in Secure Folder, I also tried going to the "Convert All Notes" page to convert the old notes, but it didn't work either.


(Sorry if this was long)

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Notes Issues

What type of device are you using, so I can provide you with troubleshooting steps targeted to your device and the symptoms you are experiencing?

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