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Samsung Problem

Samsung keeps advertising the A series of phones and saying how great they are (which they are) is just that they don't update their software my device is stuck one One Ui 2.0 and will not update it to 2.1 or 2.5 and  now android 11 is coming and One Ui 3.0 is coming. You're devices are great and the software just please update 

Re: Samsung Problem

Welcome to the club, @Juan6. I have a Samsung S7 from 4 yrs ago running Android 8. Don't worry because they make it up with keeping their app software up to date. I actually prefer the older generations since it would have saved me battery life.


For example, Samsung Internet has one of the best dark mode converters in the world, and I had that app since I first got the phone. I can't switch out since my eyes burn when I use Chrome.


Good Lock gives you more ways to customize your phone without doing sketchy rooting. Some apps are only exclusive for viewer devices, but I don't see myself using them anyways.


Smartthings has been around for a very long time to control your home. If I bought a smart bulb back in 2016, I can control it with the same app today.


Memo turned into Samsung Notes which is much better for cloud syncing to never lose your notes. It even has a modern UI like the newest phones and dark mode.