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Saving over images and other issues

(Topic created: 08-16-2021 10:38 AM)
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So whatever new update we got just **bleep**. 

The save option changed to save over the original image instead of saving a copy. Annoying as **bleep**.

(I send drawings to myself from my laptop to my phone in a friend and I's DM)
The issue that comes from that is when I edit a photo, don't like it, then go to resave it off of messanger- but it shows the EDITED VERSION thats ONLY on my phone. It shows up as the original on my friend's phone. I can't resave the photo. 

I looked through all the settings I could but maybe I missed it. Is there any way to undo this? It's making me want to look for another gallery/photo app to use, if I can even do that.
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