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Screen recording does not have audio

(Topic created on: 4/26/21 10:09 AM)
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Hi! This morning I had to record a Zoom Meeting, so I recorded it with the stock Screen Recorder. I made sure I selected the Media Sounds option when I started the screen recording because I didn't want to record my mic, only the audio of the Zoom Meeting. I even made sure the volume is on max level.

Now I just watched the video and it has absolutely no sound. There is an option to play the video at the bottom of the stock Gallery app screen, and next to it is a mute option. But even when I press it, I get no sound. 

Just to test if I messed up someting, I did the same thing: screen recording, Media Sounds option selected, start screen recording, played a video or anything with sound, stop screen recording. Now this video has sound so...

Is there any solution to get the sound of the first video back? I really need it because it was an important Zoom Meeting.

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Same question as the thread https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Note20/No-audio-on-screen-recording-please-help/m-p/1810920

I'm pretty sure that Zoom does not allow you to record audio like that. If you want to record a Zoom call, click on Record in the Zoom app during the call.