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Screenlocked out!!

I have a J7 Crown, Straighttalk is my carrier, and have locked myself out of it for the first time ever! I set a screen lock pin and promptly forgot it. When I use samsung's find my mobile, the phone doesnt show up on the list of devices--the phone is on and is hooked up to wifi. It should be logged in to my samsung account as I never log out of it but Im assuming this is why it doesnt show up on my list of devices to be found? When I use google's search service, it finds my phone but there is no unlock option, only lock & secure, or erase data. Ive had someone call the phone--I can answer the call but cannot go to settings or anywhere else without the pin. Ive guessed at and entered 42 pins with no success. 

So the question is:  is there a way to sign in remotely and/or unlock this phone which may not be logged in to my samsung account?

Thanks in advance for any new ideas!!!