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Scren Record Problem

thank you to everyone who will help . i use a screen recorder for my games. Genarally I record vertically. while editing on the computer video shape is always  long and very narrow. My old phones were a little wider for vertical recording. Samsung Galaxy M30s is very narrow and long for screen recording. I tried all the settings.  I want to record my games vertically but this is not possible with m30s . I can only record long and narrow videos. I want to record my playing games vertically  but some thicker videos.  How can I make it a little wider? Is there a solution for this? Thank you already.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Scren Record Problem

The ability to screen record in the game launcher app has been taken away unfortunately.  So you wouldn't have the ability a adjust the resolution of how your footage is captured from your M30 natively. Because of this I recommend capturing the footage on your computer if you have a video capture card for screen recording you can achieve this.