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Setting Bixby Vision "On" caused Samsung A50s to lag and freeze

Hello! Has anyone encountered this problem? 
So here's how it happened:

I downloaded a Kaspersky Battery app (my purpose is so I can see how much time is needed to charge my phone). Upon opening the app, it requested access, leading me to the Settings menu, where it needs to be turned "On". I did so, and there was no problem. However, I saw in the menu the Bixby Vision option, and I turned it "On" too. The screen blinked and the phone became unresponsive to touch commands. Also, the phone can no longer be turned off by holding the Power button down; instead, it allows me to activate voice commands for Bixby. However, once Bixby says "Good morning, *name*", nothing else can be done. I tried going to Settings by saying "Settings" and it does show the Setting option but cannot be tapped (unresponsive to touch command).

I tried Googling for fixes, and I saw one instructing me to boot in Safe mode so I can go around. I did boot to Safe mode, unfortunately, Bixby Vision cannot be deactivated still and the lag and freeze issue remains. This time, the internet connection was disabled and even reverting to normal boot won't cause the internet to be enabled. I can't access the Settings page any way whatsoever.


Is there a fix to this problem? Thank you in advance.