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Shared Outlook calendar not seen by Samsung calebar app

Recently moved from Windows Phone (don't laugh,  just worked for me,  until excessive battery drain made me move; possible "whiskering" issue). My main calendar hosted from gets picked up fine,  but a shared appointment calendar under the same account seems to be missing in the Samsung app.  I can see this calendar fine if I use a web browser to the site. Is there something I'm missing in setting up Samsung's calendar app, or do I just need to go ahead and download and install the Android version of MS Outlook?

Phone is a Galaxy A71 5G, running Android 10 with One UI v. 2.1.

Re: Shared Outlook calendar not seen by Samsung calebar app

I have the same issue. My Gmail accounts get synced in the calendar app, but my Yahoo and work accounts don't even show up in the calendar app. When I try to add a new account from the calendar app, I get an error message that this account already exists. This problem wasn't present before the upgrade. Using unlocked Samsung S20+ 5G with latest everything.