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Sign In Apps Not Working

Hello Samsung Community,


I work with an inventory company, and we use a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.  While we are aware that this is a very old model, it was working for our needs just fine.  However, very recently, this one app (MyCloud) suddenly stopped working for some unknown reason.  It was stating that the problem was no permission access or unidentified user.  For some reason, we, the tech department, were unable to find the logout feature.  So we just uninstalled and re-installed the MyCloud app.  When we tried to log in to the app, two weird things were happening.


1) It was stating that my login info was wrong.

2) Letters were being cut off in the username field as well as passwords.  What I mean is that letters in the display would cut off the top portion.  Like "i" would be missing the dot above it, but it would still recognize the correct letter.  At least I hope it would.


Now I know this is a problem with the phone as to the app because I log into the app using my personal phone (Galaxy S10+) and my work desktop with the same login info.


Is there a way for us to properly identify what the problem is and fix it, without the answer being, "Buy a new phone?"