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Smart Switch backup to PC FAILURE

(Topic created: 01-23-2023 04:32 AM)
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I've tried to backup Galaxy A53 and A20 to PC using Smart Switch dozens of times and it fails every time. I open Smart Switch, connect as instructed, computer says cable connected and backup begins then shortly thereafter get a message that the backup was canceled, disconnect and reconnect cable, no reason given.

My A53 has problems so I want to back it up before tinkering with it but the A20 that I've used for over 2 years has never had a single issue so I don't know why it won't backup.

I searched the web and found hundreds of folks have the same problem but no workable answers found.

- I've followed instructions on Samsung site for backup to PC exactly

- 1 year old Computer (primary) has 2 hard drives with 3TB storage space available

- erased and re downloaded Smart Switch from Samsung site 6 times

- I've erased and reinstalled Smart Switch on computers 6 times

- rebooted computers (2) at least a dozen times

- scanned computer for virus/malware: clean

- checked updates: computer & phones show updated

- restarted phones dozens of times

- uninstalled / reinstalled Smart Switch on both phones 6-8 times

- unplugged / plugged cable to phone-computer dozens of times

- tried 3 different cables / all of which are data cables that I use to transfer date to portable hard drives without a problem

- tried backup on 2 different PCs, both with updated Win 10

This is supposed to be a simple process so why does it fail so miserably without even telling you why?



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