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Some problem in update of android 10

Sir I have samsung galaxy a50s and a fer days ago i have an update of android 10 and one ui 2.0.

But in this update we have many problems like fingerprint, heating, touch sensitivity, face unlock snd camera. In this device we cant use the flash during the use of 48MP camera. I amalso missing the old samsung fonts which are cool jazz and rosemary and all. Please look at this all problems and give us solution and a satisfaction of being a samsung user. 

Thank you

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Some problem in update of android 10

You can read about some of the Android 10 changes here: Try clearing the cache partition of the phone:


  • At first, switch off your Samsung Galaxy A50 device
  • Next, press and hold the Power button, Home button and the Volume Up button for a while
  • Tap on the screen when it shows ”No Commands Message”
  • Use the Volume up and down keys to highlight the wipe cache partition and to select the same use the Power button
  • Confirm by clicking Yes option

In addition, make sure all of your apps are updated.


If issues continue, test the phone in Safe Mode to determine if there is any third party software causing an issue.

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