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Spotify downloads keeps getting downloaded every-time.

My problem is with downloading songs to play in “Offline mode”. The problem is only with the Mobile app and it works perfectly in my laptop without any issue. Each morning I turn on my phone, or each time a reconnect to a Wi-Fi network, it will start redownloading my already downloaded offline music. For eg:- If I have downloaded a playlist the previous day, It starts downloading again the next day when I connect to a WI Fi network. I tried leaving the app in offline mode but then it automatically logs out from the app and then shows an error message saying Spotify is set to be in offline mode but It needs to connect online. 


I'm wondering whether this has something to do with the Spotify cached data. I have stopped auto optimisation in order to stop the phone from clearing any cached data from the app. Is there a solution to this? 

Thank you!