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Technology are mostly supporting antennas to metropolitan areas

(Topic created: 03-12-2023 04:13 PM)
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Why does the technology keep catering to metropolitan areas
What about the other 30% of the phone buyers do we not count ?
Oh let us connect your phone to your wifi and you won't have anymore issues 
The more tge bells and whistles the worse the broadcast and receiving the phones get if we live in a metropolitan area it's OK 
Most the towers are put along interstates and hyways so even the truck drivers are OK but only cause business and family vacations only or they wouldn't have signal between metropolitan cities
So why is the rule route being ignored I don't have wifi satellite is the only choice but still I don't have and if I did have phone companies should pay part of the bill if that's the only way the phone works 
I've offered my land for a tower I have the high ground in the county and close to 1000 cell customers around me that would address the same issues only time phone works is when we go to town
So again my question is why are we being left out we been here from the beginning then you turned your back to us by taking the antennas off the phone and it's been pretty much down hill from there
So why not start a new series of phones t series for travelers or c series for country or f series for farmers and maybe a r series for ranchers
We here waiting on corporate to realize tech forgot about us


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