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The last Android update for my phone (J4) (Android 10) is so nice but it have some issues.

The last Android update for my phone (J4) (Android 10) is so nice but it have some issues. 1- when I am using the phone and the screen turns off by the timeout or when I turn it off, when I turn it back on to see what I was doing by pressing the home key like how I used to do before or even with my old phone (S4). It turns back on but it will minimize all the apps on the screen and shows me the home screen. So if I am in online voice call and my screen is off and I want to turn it back on to mute the call for a sec I won't be able to do it because I am gonna be seeing the home screen not the call so i have to swipe up the screen to show me the lock screen pattern then i unlock it then i have to press the recent key to choose the app I am using and bring it up to mute the call for just 1 sec. 2- the new quick panel layout look and size is cool but small specially when I open it all The older one had better view specially when I pull it all down even when the screen locked. The new one shows me only 4 of the items in it when the old one shows me 6 in the line so i didn't wanted to grab it twice to see the whole panel and what I need. And the old one had an option to choose the number of the elements in it. 3- The notifications in the lock screen looks nice but I have to click the icon shape to read the notification and I can't click the notification message to open it like before but I have to grab on it first to see it and to be able to click on it to open the unlock pattern.