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The worst customer service part 2. wheres my watch?

As in my previous post states Samsung has had my watch for 16 days now, 8 days since esclation of ticket and as of this morning I was told AGAIN they would escalate the ticket and give me a call back in 24 hours, which they always promise at the end of every call and they never do! On top of all of that, on this mornings call I was told the email from last thursday has never been responded to and I need to wait another 24 hours, I asked to be transfered and when they did the person picked up the line, then hung up. This is the second time I have been hung up on with customer service. 


16 days to fix a watch and no one can tell me if it has even been worked on!


I have always had samsung phones going back to the S3 but again , thi is why I always have an Iphone on me as well. 

Ticket # 4154807627

Cosmic Ray

Re: The worst customer service part 2. wheres my watch?

I responded and for some reason Samsung is censoring my first post. I have experienced the same terrible service with samsung.