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Things that are really needed on the M Series

(Topic created on: 3/4/21 12:12 PM)
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1. Bixby: I really want Bixby and normal One UI on M Series phones instead of One UI Core, I want Bixby Voice, Samsung Daily & Bixby Routines just like how all of them are on the A52 (no, I didn't look at gsmarena, someone bought the A52 and told me everything about it when I asked them) and Bixby Vision is already present on the M Series.

2. On-Display Fingerprint Scanner: I don't care if anyone says they're inaccurate or slow, I feel like I'm using an ancient tech with my current M phone.

3. Installing any APK: for the M Series you didn't let us download Good Lock from the Galaxy Store so I went to Apkmirror to find the APK like how I downloaded the APK's on my mom's phone (that has Android 9) and it installed them pretty fine but my phone wouldn't install any apk that was meant to be installed from the Galaxy Store so please fix that

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