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Totally black screen A8 phone

My galaxy A800f series 2015 edition phone's screen got black without a reason .Before that my phone was getting closed without any lack of charge and starting up by optimizing apllications message by its own for various times a month but this black screen I believe that not because of any hardware problem since I didn't drop it down or else.My smart phone is turning on when the power button pressed and takes calls but I can not answer the calls since the screen is black and my phone is locked .I am not being able to unlock my phone via smart switch or find my phone since it is detected to be locked.

Could you give me effective suggestions ?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Totally black screen A8 phone

I apologize but you have reached technical support for products manufactured for usage in the United States. Please visit to find your country's support page.

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