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Unhappy with the repair support for Smart phones by Samsung in Turkey

Hello, I bought a Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile phone in Turkey in June 2019, I have left it to be repaired at Vatan Bilgisayar (the place I bought from) on 05/09/2020 for repair and from there it was sent to BDH Bilisim (the official Samsung Repair center in Turkey) with the registration number 4237506549, exactly 10 days after that, that is, 15/09/2020. I was called by BDH Bilisim and asked to pay 198.19 TRY (Turkish Lira) for the repair of my phone, I accepted the amount and paid with my credit card on the same day and called BDH again the next day to check and they told me that the payment was received and my phone was started to be repaired within and will be handed to me with in 7 days in a repaired way. However, after exactly 7 days I was called again by BDH and I was asked to pay an additional 1350 TRY! Of course, I did not accept that, and although they distracted me and told me that we started the repairing of the phone a week ago, they called to ask for extra money at the time I was supposed to receive my repaired cell phone, I did not approve them asking me for additional and a high amount of money on the date they were supposed to deliver my repaired phone and I asked them to pay me back the money I paid, I got the phone unrepaired on 01/10/2020, but they did not pay the 198.19 TRY I paid for more than 20 days, that is untill 15/10/2020, Besides they kept me busy for 3 weeks assuring me that they will repair the phone then asked for extra money after a week of paying the first asked money and they did not pay back for 20 days, I called the BDH Bilisim call center on 12/10/2020 to state that I am uncomfortable with this process and that I want my refund and to record my complaint. When I told the gentleman who spoke to me, that I wanted to report my complaint, he replied, `` I do not see a situation that needs a complaint and I do not see a need for a complaint '' so he refused to report a complaint; so I unfortunately inform you that I have reported a complaint and sued them and consequently you at Turkish Courts, I Hope Samsung can pay more attention to their services in Turkey and give more values to the customers in Turkey, thank you very much.