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Where is "ignore battery optimisation" screen in One UI 5.1? (and disappointment regarding the Galaxy A54)

(Topic created: 09-10-2023 11:40 AM)
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There doesn't appear to be this common Android screen on my Samsung phone. Finding and accessing battery optimisation is only available on an app-by-app basis, so remembering which ones utilise the manually allocated "Ignore Battery Optimisation" option is difficult.

I've looked all around my phone and cannot ever remember in the past ever seeing such a screen. Search brings up nothing useful.

Does it exist in Android 13 or is it a One UI 5.1 thing?

As for my phone... well, big disappointment.

I've had my phone since the end of May, and I have to say, despite having so few apps (no social media), turning off features, using modes and routines, keeping an eye out on signal strength, disabling mobile data indoors, disabling Bibxy (along with listen) disabling 5G outright/permanently, turning off Bluetooth Scanning and WiFi Scanning, turning off Find My Phone, turning off Offline Finding AND having a large number (most them actually) of those apps put into deep sleep / killed off, etc... battery life is frankly appalling. No rogue apps. No iffy permissions. One UI is fully up-to-date. Gestures off. Minimal location services, restricted to a few apps and of those only one has precise option and is only utilised when the app is used. 120hz disabled when out 5 days a week (for 9 hours) - although at that point I may as well disable it permanently since it spends more time unused than used. Dark mode has of course been used since Day 1.

Before disabling 5G, further limiting 120hz to near-always off and turning off WiFi Scanning (Offline Finding was off already) this is what I got:

Standby battery drain: typically anywhere between 1.5% (bad) and 4.4% (atrocious) per day. Awful. Bearing in mind this is with WiFi typically off, 5G on (good signal), Bluetooth on and sometimes connected to earbuds, but always connected to a fitness band and a sensor on my arm. My old phone, an ancient thing with tiny several year old battery still managed to do all that and last the entire day and then some.

Deep sleep battery drain: 1-1.4% per hour. Still unacceptable for Deep Sleep. I chalk this up to Exynos, which I was warned about by every phone user out there but paid no attention to as I thought the Exynos hate was simply fanboying over QC's Snapdragon. I was wrong. Though nobody specifically mentioned battery use, Exynos efficiency had been touted here and there.

This sentiment, of awful battery life is shared all over review pages and on phone store websites comments often indicate that the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G has bad battery life and that being the primary negative.

Basically bought a £500 phone where I've had to disable most of the bells and whistles to utilise an overpriced featureless brick with still poor battery life. I was conned.

Very disappointed with Samsung.

You need to sort something out... anything, because this is untenable. I will never touch an Exynos chip again. I will tell those now, those who're searching online who have stumbled across this post - do not listen to the stories of 7-9 hours of Screen-on-Time in addition to 20hrs+ of standby (not that I was ever swayed by such claims as they're dubious at best). It is a lie. I am also convinced Samsung are utilising bots on a lot of their media pages.

Auto Brightness is far too bright at times - both in partial sunshine and in the dark. Manually setting brightness in every scenario is embarrassingly the only solution - in 2023!

With all of this software magic and a huge battery, the automated app-killing, the AI, etc of a Samsung, vs basic software, on a significantly older phone, that can somehow handle multiple bluetooth connections for a many, many hours, NFC, WiFi and a typical old-school LCD screen, significantly longer with a 7nm HiSilicon Kirin, is just frankly a joke. Where is your efficiency, Samsung? Where?

If you think about it, if you used your Samsung as you would any other Smartphone, it wouldn't handle a full day for most of you and that's why it relies so heavily on software, AI, algorithms and tricks, along with it's big (frankly 5K standard) battery.

Why are we still having such ridiculous battery and app tinkering troubles with smartphones in this era? You have had so much time.

Maybe dodging Apple with my hatred all this time was a big mistake?

Final note: temps have been anywhere between 12 - 34°C in the UK since I got the phone through to summer. Phone battery, the highest I have seen, was 38°C. CPU, I don't know. However the phone has never been hot to the touch and I've had no warnings regarding heat.

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Hey there! I noticed you mentioned you were located in the UK. Did you know there is a Samsung Community for your region? They will definitely be more in sync with your time zone, and will generally have the most reliable information concerning your device model/respective services.