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Why you should not buy a Motorola device

I have come here to post this information, so that I can possibly help someone else avoid the type of treatment that myself and many others are experiencing from Motorola / Lenovo.

I have used Motorola devices for the past 15 years or so because they have held up well and given me good value for my $ spent. I typically will use the same device for about 2 years and I never buy new models; they are typically models that have been around for a couple years.

Recently I picked up a G7 to replace my G5S+. I had the device for about a couple of weeks and it was doing great...until I approved the update to Android 10. Once the update installed, it ruined the device's ability to connect to 4G LTE networks (I use verizon). I could be in the middle of the city and still only get 3G. In rural areas, even though I previously had great LTE connections, I am lucky to get even 3G. So now, what I have is basically a WiFi device; the phone is basically useless. 

I am not alone in this, there are many thousands of others that are dealing with this as well. The Android 10 update rolled out in July I believe, so many others have been dealing with this for MONTHS.

I found a thread on the Lenovo forums where this is being discussed and low and behold, they say the issue has been 'solved'! Well, it's solved IF your device is still under warranty and IF you are willing to send them the device and let them replace it with a refurbished one. That first one is a big IF, since we are dealing with a device that has been around for some time now.

The Lenovo agent there has also said that they are working on a fix for the issue, of course he has been saying this for for a couple months give or take. In the mean time, enjoy your useless phone!

So, hopefully at least one person that is considering a Motorola / Lenovo product will read this. Maybe you will be OK with one of their newer devices but once that device has been around for a minute, they are liable to break it and you may have to just deal with it until and IF they finally decide to fix it. Personally, I won't buy another.

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Samsung Moderator

Re: Why you should not buy a Motorola device

If you are experiencing issues with your device, you will need to reach out to them directly. This forum is for Samsung devices and appliances only. 

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