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Wifi not working at all , and only keep scanning on A50

(Topic created: 07-03-2021 04:22 PM)
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Hello  , i recently bought an used A50 phone and keep having a problem with my phone that makes it that the wifi keeps scanning and not finding at all any network , in anyway.
I've tried the following options:
-Factory /Hard reset
-Cleaning the cache partition of phone
-Try Reset all app preferences and delete the cache and data of Wifi-Direct
-Since the phone was on android 10 and could'nt update it ( as well i can do it) , i downloaded the lastest firmware of its countly and serial model and flashed it  to its recent update and android 11 but still didn't solve the issue at all.
-Tampering with the developer wifi relation setting from developer mode.
Aside that , the rest all works fine apparently, only really the wifi issue.

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