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Wishlist at the bottom of the list

(Topic created: 06-05-2022 03:30 AM)
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When I'm in my themes setting, and items on my wishlist go on sale, why do I have to scroll and scroll till I find the specific item or items that went on sale? My list is huge, so it takes a lot of minutes to get through them all. Why are they not automatically pushed to the top of the list??? So you can see all the ones on sale at the same time??? There should definitely be a filter at least, that you can use for even just searching price range low to high. My wishlist is quite long, and I get excited when I see that I have a notification/indicator telling me something on my wishlist is one sale. But sometimes, after scrolling and scrolling, it bums me out to find that it's one of my least favorite themes that's on sale. Some feed back would be awesome ...thank you for your time!!!

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