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Worst Customer Service!








User (06-24-2019 08:55:15 PM)

Help me with a service request


Chatbot (06-24-2019 08:55:16 PM)

I will be connecting you to a Samsung Care Pro who can help.


User (06-24-2019 08:55:26 PM)



Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 08:55:36 PM)

Hi Pedro, thank you for reaching out to Samsung Technical Support. How may I assist you?


User (06-24-2019 08:55:58 PM)

Hello, I am currently on the phone with customer support.


User (06-24-2019 08:56:11 PM)

I've been on hold for an hour and a half


User (06-24-2019 08:56:30 PM)

I've been trying to resolve an issue I've had with a product for almost two months now.


Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 08:56:56 PM)

Not to worry, I'm here to help you.


Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 08:56:56 PM)

Could you please elaborate the issue so that I can assist you better?


User (06-24-2019 08:57:59 PM)

Yes. On May 2nd, I called Samsung to notify them that my Icon X headphones stopped working. They asked me to send my device in, so I did.


User (06-24-2019 08:58:40 PM)

They received my device on May 8th and told me they would send my the Galaxy Buds as a replacement, and also a $50 dollar refund.


User (06-24-2019 08:59:25 PM)

They also told me it would only take three business days from that day. I've called numerous times and keep getting the runaround. It's been nearly two months and I have not received anything.


Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:00:06 PM)

We are sorry for the delay. May I have the ticket number?


User (06-24-2019 09:00:31 PM)

I am very disappointed in the customer service I've received. Especially because I've always recommended Samsung and it's products to all of my friends and family. But the first time I need some assistance from the company, I'm left high and dry.


User (06-24-2019 09:00:44 PM)

They never provided me with a ticket number.


Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:01:11 PM)

May I know your email address, so that I can check the ticket details?


User (06-24-2019 09:01:30 PM)



Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:01:51 PM)

Give me a minute while I check the details.


User (06-24-2019 09:02:07 PM)

Thank you


Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:05:16 PM)

Thank you for your time.


Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:07:06 PM)

As per the last note on the ticket on 06/24/2019, our replacement Galaxy buds have shipped from Service center and here is the return tracking number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


User (06-24-2019 09:09:29 PM)

Yes; however, I would like a full refund. I think the amount of time I had to wait is ridiculous. I was told twice that the earbuds had been shipped. I had to call multiple times that they made an error on my order which delayed the shipment. I thought the issue was resolved then, but two weeks later and still nothing. Now I'm being told they are on their way. Waiting two months is far too long, and definitely not good customer service.


User (06-24-2019 09:10:01 PM)

During this whole ordeal, I was never contacted by Samsung. I had to relentlessly call to get this information.


User (06-24-2019 09:13:52 PM)

This tracking label was just created! They only just made this after I called them 2 hours ago!


User (06-24-2019 09:14:18 PM)

Please understand, I am not frustrated at you. I am frustrated at the services I have received


Mridul M (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:14:27 PM)

Please stay connected while I connect you to my supervisor.


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:14:47 PM)

Hi Pedro, this is Suman.


User (06-24-2019 09:14:53 PM)



Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:15:02 PM)

Give me couple of minutes.


User (06-24-2019 09:15:11 PM)



Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:20:47 PM)

Thank you for waiting.


User (06-24-2019 09:21:07 PM)



User (06-24-2019 09:21:33 PM)

Do we have a solution?


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:23:17 PM)

I have checked the ticket. A UPS label has been generated to day to send the new Galaxy Buds as replacement. It will be delivered to you in 3 business days.


User (06-24-2019 09:23:57 PM)

I'm sorry that is not good enough.


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:24:17 PM)

We from chat support can only provide you with the information displayed in the tickets.


User (06-24-2019 09:24:26 PM)

Like I've stated. This would be the third time being told this.


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:24:32 PM)

I see that you have contacted our phone support team today regarding this.


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:24:37 PM)

Was your call transferred to escalations team?


User (06-24-2019 09:24:51 PM)

I have contacted Samsung support probably 7 times since this started


User (06-24-2019 09:25:09 PM)

Yes, I was transferred to a Case Manager two or three times.


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:25:22 PM)

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.


User (06-24-2019 09:25:23 PM)

They told me the same thing you just did a month ago.


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:25:37 PM)

Were you able to talk to them today?


User (06-24-2019 09:26:08 PM)

Not the Case Manager today. They forwarded me to the refund department and left me on hold for two hours. I just now hung up the phone.


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:27:22 PM)

Apart from providing the details available in the ticket, we do not have any options to help you with this. I request you to wait until you receive the Galaxy buds.


User (06-24-2019 09:27:29 PM)

To make it simple, I've been lied to multiple times and feel cheated. I am truly disappointed by this experience. I have always praised Samsung and recommended the company and its products to all my friends, family, and customers.


User (06-24-2019 09:28:14 PM)

I was told I would also be receiving a refund, so what happens to that?


User (06-24-2019 09:28:28 PM)

I don't know who else to turn to.


User (06-24-2019 09:29:13 PM)

Why do I keep getting forwarded to managers, yet they tell me they cannot do anything about it?


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:29:52 PM)

As the Galaxy buds are lesser in price, the difference amount will be refunded to you as a E-gift card or a check. This will be initiated with very soon.


User (06-24-2019 09:31:07 PM)

Is there a department I can get a hold of?


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:31:42 PM)

Escalations team is available only through call. You may need to call our phone support team.


User (06-24-2019 09:32:42 PM)

I have numerous times. They leave me on hold and do not answer. May I at least have a direct phone number so that I do not have to repeat myself over and over?


User (06-24-2019 09:33:25 PM)

Or even an email address?


Suman G (Samsung Agent)(06-24-2019 09:34:12 PM)

I understand. There will be no direct phone numbers for escalations. Call has to be transferred by the phone support. I am sorry, this team do not have email address.


Chatbot (06-24-2019 09:34:42 PM)

We at Samsung Care are here for you 24/7.









Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Worst Customer Service!

Could you send us a private message so that we can get some additional information?

Be sure to click " ✓ Accept as Solution" when you find an answer that works for you.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Worst Customer Service!

Please get back to us as soon as you can.  

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Re: Worst Customer Service!

Sorry to hear this.  I am in a simialr boat as you.  Shipped my Icon Gear X's back in Mid MArch.  They keep saying my replacement has been approved, but no action since then.


At least they are telling you they are shipping.  The truth is that is another issue.


The Same Admin @SamsungJam reached out to me and created a neew ticket 2 weeks ago for a replacement.  But he has gone radio silent.


Something is really wrong with the runaround everyone is getting.  I wonder how many people are having this issue and if its time to see if a Class Action is an option.  I files a complaint with the BBB today to at least document this lack of response from Samsung.  Good luck and keep us updated.  


Re: Worst Customer Service!

Sorry about your tale of wo.  Stories like this and my own frustrations with Samsung have made me decide they just aren't the company to receive my future purchases.  Just riding out the products I still have with them which will eventually be replaced with products from their competitors.


Re: Worst Customer Service!

Worst services and never buy or deal with Samsung at any Way.

Tow month and small issue never resolved.


Re: Worst Customer Service!

Samsung is the worse!  I sent earbuds for repair over 6 weeks ago.  They sent me the wrong address to mail it to.  After 3 weeks I found out that it was still at the wrong location.  I called and they told me it would be sent to the correct location and I would get an new set or repaired set.  Two more weeks have gone by and I received a text that they have not received the earbuds.  What in the world!  They have them.  I called again and they said to disregard the text.  The earbuds are still at the wrong location.  After screaming and getting mad on the phone, nothing was resolved.  Why is Samsung so horrible with customer support.  They are quick at taking your money and then they sell you worthless earbuds that quickly broke.  Now something that was supposed to take 7 to 10 days has been over 6 weeks.  Unbelivable!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Worst Customer Service!

Hey there @userOlYC7devl8,


I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this and I can certainly understand your frustrations. If you don't mind sending a private message here with your ticket number so I can further look into this and get you taken care of.


Please respond at your earliest convenience. Smiley Happy


I would like to delete this from my straight talk account...

I would like to delete this from my straight talk account. How do I do that? I have gone into my settings with no help at all. It keeps asking for my password. I don't have one and I dont want one with Samsung. Please delete me! I only have straight talk. I do not want to pay for an added service just because I have a Samsung phone!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Worst Customer Service!

Hi,  I'd like to help you with this exchange.  Could you provide a copy of your bill of sale?  

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