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XCover Pro wireless charging

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I have a new XCover Pro (AT&T) ... my first full day of using it. It doesn't seem to do wireless charging. On looking further on the beloved internet I see that wireless charging is available on "selected models." It did not occur to me that a feature like this would be dropped, that I had on Active S6 and Active S8. Why would Samsung take a step backward like that on such a basic functionality? Or maybe my new phone is just defective? How would I tell whether my model is supposed to do that?

Battery fried on my beloved S8. Otherwise I'd still be using it. So far appears to have been a much better phone than the XCover, but I wanted a rugged option from Samsung.


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Heads Up: This reply is purely based in educated speculation.

While as an Electrical Engineer, I can tell you that wireless charging will always be inefficient specifically between the wall outlet and the power company (*or but not necessarily* between the charger and the phone).

However I believe the main reason is because the xCover Pro is a business phone marketed towards businesses not individuals. You even have to call Samsung Business support to get support for this phone as they are not supposed to help you on the consumer customer service line (though sometimes they still will) Wireless charging doesn't make sense for a business... or at least I think that's Samsung's thinking ... I think they are wrong, some businesses would benefit from it.

All that being said, as a person who uses it as a personal phone (not for business) I would like to have seen wireless charging on this model. My mom owns a small business (antique shop) and also has the xCover Pro and her business would benefit from that convenience as well. She's 60+ (in age) and runns around her shop a lot using her phone to help customers (scanning tags and what not) and she also players the store music on her phone ... she ends up plugging and unplugging her phone something like 30 times a day... a wireless charging pad by her cash register would do wonders for her. So this is why I think that *IF* I'm right that Samsung thought that wireless charging would not make sense for business, than they're wrong. I believe that Samsung believes wireless charging wouldn't make sense for businesses because it would make the phone cost more for a feature most business wouldn't find all that valuable... the problem with that logic is that thinking is more geared towards Enterprises and large businesses however I believe this phone is far more popular with small to medium-sized businesses.

@userf6y49KlI8n... hint, hint, your messaging up, you should re-think that or market your phone such that it's bought more by the bigger businesses. Just say'n.